In the Finnish vocabulary there is an expression called Valituskuoro. It means "Complaints Choir" and it is used to describe situations where a lot of people are complaining simultaneously. Kalleinen and Kochta-Kalleinen thought: "Wouldn´t it be fantastic to take this expression literally and organise a real choir in which people sing about their complaints?"

Both within RCA and in the current socio-political context we are all living in, it's crucial to highlight ways of collective actions. A choir is in itself a collective amplification of voices. In this half-webinar/half-workshop we'd be looking at different methodologies to work collectively. At the end of the workshop we're organising a complaint choir singing by students via zoom. This workshop is a way of testing/sharing/learning and portraying the force of togetherness but also the struggles to work/create/collaborate in the context of the mute/umuted interfaces (videocall).